I am a Czech born artist working between London and Prague. The wide rage of materials used in my work and the combination of several disciplines including digital art, drawing, painting and textiles, plays a key part in my practice.

I treat the fabrics I use as a canvas. I dye, print and paint them so they almost resemble a painting themselves, just to tear them and cut them to reassemble them again to create a brand new piece. In place of pen and pencil I use thread to work further into the piece. The individual pieces of fabric are bound together with delicate sketch-like stitching that adds an extra depth to the final piece.

For my latest work from “The bug series” I draw inspiration from all aspect of nature, its colours and patterns, but mainly the tiny residents often ‘hidden’ or ‘overlooked’. Now magnified and exposed with their true beauty on display.

I trained at Camberwell College of Arts and graduated from Central Saint Martins in Fine Art. My work can be found in international private collections including the United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Australia.